What is Prefab Construction?

Prefab, or prefabricated, construction is a building process in which sections of modules of the edifice are assembled at a remote location, then transported to the building site. This particular construction method is very cost-effective and often makes it possible to complete a building project in as much as half the time required for more traditional methods. Prefab construction is commonly employed with the construction of new homes, the strategy can also be used with other buildings.

The genius behind prefab construction is based on the idea that by using standard components that are partially assembled on a manufacturing floor, there is less time involved in the actual construction process. The modules are transported to the site, using freight transportation. At the site, the modules are unloaded, moved into position with the aid of heavy machinery, and connected to form a single building.

Along with the fast assembly, prefab construction can often save a great deal of money on the building project. By using standard patterns, the building materials are pre-cut at the manufacturing site. This eliminates a great deal of the waste in timber and other components that can occur during the process of building. As a result, a prefabricated house with three bedrooms is likely to cost significantly less than a three bedroom dwelling that is constructed from scratch at the building site.

One other key benefit of prefab construction is the energy efficient nature of this type of building strategy. Because the sections of a panelized home are precut, they fit snugly together, making for a tighter edifice. This means less effort to heat and cool the space, resulting in lower utility bills.

The increasing popularity of prefabricated homes has led to the development of a number of construction templates that property owners can choose to employ in the design of a home. By mixing and matching these templates, it is possible to design the layout of the house, specify the dimensions of each room, and build a home that is exactly to the specification of the owner. There are also comprehensive building plans for prefab construction that can be modified slightly and still have the benefit of using materials of standard lengths, widths, and textures.

Prefab homes are not the only type of building that can be created using prefab construction. Some manufacturers offer modular units that can be used to create barns, lake cabins, pool houses, and several other building types. Construction companies that offer prefab building options normally have a wide range of designs that clients can consider. As with the modular home, other types of prefabricated construction are also easy to assemble, less expensive than other building options, and will cost much less to heat and cool.


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